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About me

Providing a healthcare hub and longitudinal care for your whole family

I believe you can do more for your own health than any doctor or medicine

My Approach

 My role as your GP is to help you to live long and live well. 

I can be a home-base for your health care, wrangling your acute symptoms, managing your chronic conditions and preventative care, and coordinating your team of specialist and allied health experts. 

I enjoy getting to know my patients and working together to create a plan of action that makes sense and that they feel comfortable with.  Knowing a patient well, makes it so much easier to detect when things are not quite right, and to guide and support them when things get serious. I encourage everyone to have their own regular GP. 

I would say my practice style is quite conservative.  My priority is to avoid causing you harm, in my endeavour to help you feel better.  I am guided by medical evidence and generally not an early adopter of new treatments without fully understanding the safety aspects.  We should always remember: there's no disease known to man that can't be made worse by a doctor

Lastly, I believe you can do more for your own health, through healthy living, than any doctor or medicine.  A healthy lifestyle will help you live longer,  function better and enjoy your life.  I'm up every morning doing some form of exercise.  I enjoy running, surfing, ocean swimming and bodyweight training. Together with good nutrition and a full 8 hours of sleep, I'm planning to stay active till I'm 103.

I'm passionate about helping people achieve the small changes which flow on to have a huge positive impact.  Check out my blog and sign up for updates if you want to read more... 


I've been a doctor in Perth for over 20 years, with over 100,000 patient consultations in that time.  (that makes me feel so old!)

I have a strong connection with this area. I've been blessed to live in Floreat for most of my life while studying at Hale and UWA, and working and raising my family here. 

I have worked in many of the major hospitals and emergency departments in Perth and around the state (SCGH, RPH, Fremantle, Bethesda, Hollywood, Mount, Murdoch, Rockingham, Bunbury, Busselton, Geraldton) . I understand the health system in WA and our local area, and can help you navigate to where you need to be.

I also run an online group for over 250 health professionals in the Perth Western Suburbs. You will have access to a fantastic network of experts that I collaborate with to optimise your care.

One a month (since ~2007), I'm scrubbed up in theatre, doing orthopaedic surgical assisting .  I've found this very helpful in keeping up my procedural skills, especially for wound closure.  This means we can often do your skin lesions and other minor procedures at Floreat Medical and save you a trip to the day surgery clinics. 

I am involved in medical education, teaching as a Clinical Lecturer for UWA, Notre Dame and Curtin medical schools. I enjoy teaching and find it to be a fantastic way to stay in touch with current treatments and perspectives in medicine.


MBBS UWA - 2000.  FRACGP - 2005

 (WAGPET GP registrar of the year)

Longevity - Function - Wellbeing 

These overarching goals inform everything we do, from choosing tests and treatments, to crafting the way we live

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