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About Floreat Medical

My rooms have been based at Floreat Medical since 2013.  I love working here and take great pride in what we do.  We are a modern, family friendly, group practice with great team of doctors, nurses and support staff.


The premises are spacious, clean, comfortable and well maintained with easy access from our large rear carpark. 

Our GPs form a great team, sharing a common approach to medicine and holistic, preventative care.  Our shared medical record and cover arrangements mean that you will have continuity of care, even when your regular doctor is away. 


More detailed information coming soon [ under construction. ]...

Consults/ Bookings

Phone consults. Long consults

Scripts and referrals. 

Pop-ins - injections, ongoing wound care. 

Results and reminders

Travel advice

Occ medicine Workers comp

Chronic / preventative health

Careplans - a powerful tool for chronic care management

Health assessments - over 45 and over 75s

DVA - veterans care program

Home medication reviews

Preventative checkups

Cardivascular prevention. Cancer screening.

Treatment room

Minor procedures.  Injuries. Dressings. Desensitisation

Iron infusions, Venesection, Skin lesion excisions

Foreign body removal, Stitches, Lacerations

Investigations - BSL, UA, ECG, Audiogram, tympanometry, dermoscopy, spirometry.  Drug testing. 


Administrative work. 

Centrelink. NDIS. MyAgedCare. DVA. Driving medicals. 

Requests by email/phone. 

Covid precautions


Unavailable with Dr Yong.

 Nicotine vaping prescription. 

Chronic opoid management

CBD prescription

Formal disability impairment assessment

Diving / CASA medical.  

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