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3 Beginner Breathing Exercises for a rapid Relax and Refresh

Do you take your breathing for granted as you go about your busy life? After all, it’s automatic. No need to think about it, right? Actually, the breath is a bit of magic that we all carry, often without realising it’s power. Taking a few seconds out of my day to breathe ‘on purpose’ is something I’ve really come to treasure. When things are getting hectic, when I’m fatigued or irritable, taking a few seconds to pause and breathe makes an incredible difference to my day. It gives me space to:

  • Stay calm and composed

  • Regain clarity and perspective

  • ‘Let it go’ and get back on track

Your breath is a powerful tool that you have at your constant disposal. Use it. Simply taking 3 deep breaths is a great start… or you can try some the exercises below. Here are 3 beginner breathing exercises your can try for yourself. 1. Belly Breathing

  • Breathe deep into your belly and observe it rise and fall. You can close your eyes and place your hand on your belly to enhance your focus. The idea is to get you out of your thoughts and into the the present moment.

  • Super easy. Super effective.

2. 4-4-8 Breathing

  • Another easy technique that takes just 16 seconds.

  • Breathe in for 4 seconds. Hold for 4 seconds. Then very slowly exhale for 8 seconds.

  • Do this a couple of times and you’ll feel suprisingly refreshed and relaxed.

3. Counting breaths up to 10

  • Take nice deep breaths, counting each exhalation.

  • With each breath, let go of tension, especially in your neck and shoulders.

  • Count up to 10 and repeat.

Breathe to reduce stress and life will get better Stress has powerful flow-on effects that can make you unhealthy and feel terrible. Insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, irritablity and comfort eating are some of the results of high stress levels. These breathing techniques will go a long way to helping you reduce your stress and arousal in your day. Use them frequently and you will notice a big difference in your life.

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