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EAT MOVE CHILL – the Fundamentals of Healthy Living

This blog is all about getting back to basics and consistently applying the fundamentals of healthy living. Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals “ – Jim Rohn Let’s take a look a the basic actions that make up a healthy lifestyle . Build each of these into your daily life and you will enjoy the benefits of great health. EAT 1. Drink water. Water is essential. Get it in as a priority and you’re off to a great start. 2. Eat natural, low human intervention (low HI) foods “If it’s from a plant, eat it. IF it’s made in a plant, DON’T!” – Michael Pollan – Eat mostly plant based foods – fruit, veg, grains, nuts – Lean meats, eggs and dairy are great too in moderate amounts – Transition away from processed foods 3. Eat a good variety of foods, in appropriate quantities – Ensure that your diet provides sufficient energy, nutrients, fibre, satisfaction and enjoyment! MOVE 4. Get regular exercise – Aim to improve your endurance, strength, flexibility and coordination. 5. Don’t forget non-exercise activity – Build incidental movement into your day – Do things that can’t be done sitting 6. Stretch – Stretching helps prevent injury, release tension and reduce aches and pains. – Feels great too. CHILL 7. Get enough sleep Get 7-8 quality hours each night. 8. Relax – Meditation, mindfulness, contentment – Reduce clutter in your surroundings and your schedule 9. Enjoy life – Be creative, grateful, helpful – Work on things you are passionate about – Hang out with people you care about Get the fundamentals down and everything you do will rise ” – Michael Jordan A virtuous circle Each of these actions impacts positively on the others. They’re all connected. Good food provides the energy for physical exertion and nutrients for recovery. Exercise enhances sleep and relaxation and helps you eat better. A good night’s sleep puts you on the front foot, primed for more activity and clear in the mind to make better choices…. and so it goes on. Start laying your foundation.. one tiny block at a time. Feel the momentum build as you get more of the elements in place. If done consistently these simple actions can have incredibly positive effects on your health. Forget about the minor details for now and focus on these fundamentals. Work on creating daily habits and commit to the ‘long game’. It’s worth it!


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